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An Open Love Letter to Kevin Von Qualen

April 20, 2009

 How long, my dear reader, has it been since you’ve wept little tears of joy?  This afternoon, I encountered this delicate Super 8 video created by Denver based artist Kevin Von Qualen and found a bit of liquid joy welling up in the corners of my eyes.  

I love the Super 8 art form.  Its staccato magic beautifully captured the honest humanity of the day, the tremendous open sky, pristine Aspen landscape, and the couple as they watched the sun set together and kissed and kissed and kissed amid the saturated amber light.  I love you Kevin Von Qualen for awakening us all to this honest beauty.    


Kevin Von Qualen Photography

Kevin Von Qualen Photography

To view the Super 8 video, please hover over the photograph above and then click on the link that directs you to the Kevin Von Qualen Super 8 web page.


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