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Cruelty Free Men’s Spring Fashion

July 22, 2009

 Before today, I’d never perused Men’s  And as I toured the 2010 Spring Collections a single word reoccurred in my mind…ick.  I found I was hard pressed to evade the pajama patterned pants, glossy culottes and dude-bags toted by waifs in skinny tailored suits.  Clearly, I knew nothing of contemporary men’s fashion and I almost retired my critical eye and gave up entirely when, to my delight, I clicked through Salvatore Ferragamo’s 2010 Spring Collection.  In it, Massimiliano Giornetti pays homage to the exquisite masculine form that E. St. L simply adores.

Salvatore Ferragamo Spring Collection 2010 via

Salvatore Ferragamo Spring Collection 2010 via



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