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Artist Ann Veronica Janssens

October 29, 2009

Artist Ann Veronica Janssens constructs sensorial sculptures of polycarbonate walls covered by transparent films which are filled with dense mist.  Visitors to her “spatio-temporal experiences” find their perception saturated and transformed by the colorful fog.

Artist Ann Veronica Janssens


“One moves in a space bathed in light, groping one’s way, without constraints and apparently without limits. One’s perception of time is transformed, there’s a slowing down if not a suspension. It’s as if one were in a slow-motion film with almost no images. All the markers have disappeared; the light illuminates nothing that could authorize our wandering. One’s eyes become glazed, opening onto unheard of perspectives. The other is surely there, an appearance that, in the dense luminosity, could just as quickly disappear.”



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