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Bah Humbug

December 16, 2009

Is anyone else procrastinating this holiday season?  I find myself daunted as I attempt to accomplish all of the seemingly necessary holiday tasks.  So here is a little shot of H1-IN1 (Holiday INspiration that is) for all of us this Thursday.  Maybe the best thing we can do for our well being this season is to foster a more playful holiday spirit.

Martha Stewart: Everlasting Garland | Living Etc: Stylish Ways to Wrap Christmas Gifts | Photo via Lundlund. Food Stylist Monica Eisenman & Photo Roland Persson | Canadian House and Home: Ribbon Draped Holiday Table. Photo by Stacey Brandford | Photographer William Garrett via Bernstein and Andriulli


Martha Stewart | Shooting Stars | Christmas Lights


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