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Gonzalo Lebrija | Pre-Liminal Separation

September 7, 2010

This week E. examines works which conceptualize the many representations of Liminal Spaces, or thresholds, between two different states of consciousness.  Gonzalo Lebrija’s series, The Distance Between You & Me, visually portrays the first phase of the transition, or the pre-liminal rite of separation.  In the films, the artist appears from behind the camera and runs from the viewer, receding quickly in the distance, his form merging with the natural surroundings until he is no longer discernable from any feature in the landscape.  His symbolic behavior, or flight, signifies the detachment of the individual from an earlier fixed point, to a conceptual space, is suspended between binary oppositions, such as here and there or past and future.

Gonzalo Lebrija | The Distance Between You and Me | 2008


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