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Latifa Echakhch | Stoning

September 16, 2011

In their aesthetic naissance, our forbearers sketched scenes of the hunt on stretches of rock in Lascaux.  This aesthetic impulse or drive that propels humans to imprint meaning upon rocks, the simplest of natural forms, continues today.  This week we examine the ways contemporary artists imprint meaning and assign value to the most basic of forms, the stone. 

Stoning, an aesthetic of assemblage of rubble, culminates from a performance by artist Latifa Echakhch in which she literally assails a gallery’s walls with stones.  The fragmented remains of her aggressive actions comments on this method of punishment and silently implicates not only the individuals casting stones but also the social, religious and political constructs that condone this form of violence.

Latifa Echakhch | Stoning



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