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Rachel Howard | Folie à Deux

November 1, 2011

Folie à Deux, French for ‘madness of two’, is the clinical definition for a psychosis in which delusional beliefs are transmitted from one individual to another.  Entranced by case studies of the condition, artist Rachel Howard has created a series of intricately linked paintings that address the notion of two people forming such an intense or symbiotic relationship.  Each work is created in the artist’s trademark style in which she allows household paint to separate, uses the pigment to paint with and employs the remaining gloss as varnish.  She then permits the wet paint to seep down the canvas, so that once dry, it seems to be clinging to the surface, a process that mirrors the acts of desperation that encapsulate the essence of this clinical condition and nod to the fragility of the human condition which can be so easily unhinged by those around us.

Rachel Howard | Folie à Deux


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