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Cady Noland

December 20, 2011

Cady Noland’s nihilistic Neo-Pop assemblages and pertinent Post-Minimal installations examine the underbelly of the American psyche.  Objects inculcated with cultural meaning examine the nations’ pathological fascination with celebrity, prurience and violence.

Cady Noland | This Piece Has No Title Yet, 1989 | Mutated Pipe, 1989 | Misc. Spill, 1990

 “In the United States at present we don’t have a “language of dissension.”  You might say people visit their frustrations on other individuals and that acts as a type of “safety valve” to “have steam let off.”  People may complain about “all of the violence there is today,” but if there weren’t these more individual forms of venting, there would more likely be rioters or committees expressing dissatisfaction in a more collective way.  Violence has always been around.  The seeming randomness of it now actually indicates the lack of political organization representing different interests.” 

~ Cady Noland


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