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Daniel Buren, Tony Cragg & Tatsuo Miyajima

September 10, 2012

At the intersection of the works by Daniel Buren, Tony Cragg & Tatsuo Miyajima are themes of un-graspable space, of the invisible and the formed, and of catching wayward glances of ourselves within the spaces in between.

Daniel Buren’s 8.7-cm-wide stripes render the spaces between them, visible.  The mute presence of supporting wall that we usually do not perceive consciously becomes a vibrating presence within the composition.

Tatsuo Miyajima’s Counter Sculpture features the recurring motif of LED digits made of mirrored glass that analogously ‘count’ from one to nine.  Each day at random, a new digit is placed into the schema drawn on the floor, narrowing attention from its open expanse, to only the potentiality of the empty fields delineated by thin white lines.  Miyajima demonstrates the limitation of our numeric system, as nine numbers attempt to explain an infinite reality.

Tony Cragg alters the transparency of glass with opaque black acrylic, so it is transformed from window to mirror.  As you stand face to face with your silhouette, it becomes clear that not only the white wall behind the glass is drawn into the conceptual space, but also the space that lingers beyond your back.

Daniel Buren, Tony Cragg & Tatsuo Miyajima


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